Program Details


The First Saturday
        On the first saturday there is the Chess program. Chess is an integral part of the program. Chess is one of the few competitive endeavors in which all players compete on a level field. Chess teaches critical thinking skills, basic strategy and patience; skills that will serve the young men in their future academic and business careers. Through this program, our young men interact with those from other  cultures and learn how to relate within the larger society.


The Second Saturday
        On the second saturday there is the Leadership Training Guest speakers from the community talk to our young men about the challenges they personally have faced and overcome in their transition to adulthood, their careers, and their roles and responsibilities as husbands, fathers and members of the community.


The Third Saturday
        On the third saturday there is the Pre-Collegiate program. The Pre-Collegiate program consists of two different yearly components. Year-round, each student participates in a Pre-Collegiate program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This program exposes the students to college life. In the summer the young men take college tours to other universities to be exposed to college life.


The Fourth Saturday
        On the fourth saturday there is the community-volunteering program, On the fourth Saturday of each month, High Aspirations participates in the Community Service program in the Key Coalition Neighborhood to assist with picking up trash, cleaning graffiti, shoveling snow and cutting grass. In addition, upon the request from partner-organizations each mentee will work as a volunteer e.g. in administration, giving tours and ushering at certain events.


Special Programs & Activities

High Aspirations Wednesday Night Spiritual Development. On Wednesday nights High Aspirations, has a vision to partner with a local church to provide spiritual development taught by local pastors and ministers. The spiritual approach helps assist the mentees with the identification of other values they’ve never considered.

Planned High Aspirations Entrepreneurship Program, The mentees of High Aspirations work during the spring, winter, summer and fall performing landscaping activities. These activities will are used to teach the young men the value of hard work, the value of money-management and savings through a partnership/coaching with Arvest Bank and Mariner Wealth Advisors.

Other special programing include: Royals Games, Football Games, Fishing, Field Trips, BBQ’s and ETC.